About us

Who We are

Qualified team of Engineers and Specialists with extensive experience in the industry will take care of our customers in areas:

-Regeneration of damaged electronic components,

-Automation and Industrial Robotics,

-Relocation of production machines and equipment,

-Building management,

-Mechanics and Machine Building,

-Steam welding. -Steam welding,

-Production Process Engineering,

The representatives of the team have many years of experience in repairs, overhauls, modernization of machines and industrial equipment, optimization of production processes, solving technological problems, programming of industrial robots for various branches of industry.

The main feature of the activity is an individual approach to each client and project, a thorough analysis of the problem and reliable execution of the task through an appropriate selection of the design and execution team.

High quality of our services is ensured by high qualifications and experience of our Engineers.

We are working for:


Haerter Technika Wytłaczania